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Robidoux 1 corn portrait .jpg

photo: Abby Banks

Matt Robidoux is a San Francisco based composer, improviser, educator, and community organizer interested in the convergence of movement and sound, especially with regards to accessibility in contemporary music and the communicative capacities of sonic energy. Their primary instrument is the corn synth — (kinetically operated randomness system [k.o.r.n.]) a modular architecture that interprets physical input from two "ears of corn" sculptures cast in aluminum.

In 2017 Matt established the Adaptive Instrument Ensemble (AIE), a community based practice focused on expanding the improvising community across abilities, demographics, and geographies. Beginning with a pilot workshop in 2019, Robidoux founded the Prepared Guitar Ensemble in collaboration with Creativity Explored, a studio-based collective that partners with people with developmental disabilities to celebrate and nurture the creative potential in all of us.

Matt has worked with Creativity Explored, Del Sol Quartet, Gerald Cleaver, Jean Carla Rodea, Sudhu Tewari, Fred Frith, Eclipse Quartet, Daniel Schmidt, Henry Kaiser,  William Winant, Jaap Blonk, Stuart Dempster, Laura Steenberge, Sunburned Hand of the Man, gabby fluke-mogul, Anla Courtis, and J Mascis.

They hold a MA in music composition from Mills College, where they studied with Roscoe Mitchell, Zeena Parkins, Laetitia Sonami, John Bischoff, James Fei, David Bernstein, and Daniel Schmidt. Their scholarly work is featured as a chapter in Improvising across Abilities: Pauline Oliveros and the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument via University of Michigan Press (2024).

Matt has performed throughout North America, Europe, and Japan and has work available on Already Dead Records and Tapes, Null Zone, Crash Symbols, Feeding Tube Records, Mystra, Exploding In Sound, Ydlmier, and Carpark Records.
Robidoux 2 corn portrait.jpg

photo: Abby Banks

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